The world first WMS on SmartWatch
Yes, all that you need to Warehouse management it's SmartWatch, wireless barcode scanner, and account at
Optimal collecting routes for fast picking
Create scheme for your warehouse with built-in warehouse editor, place stillages on plan, and we will care to produce optimal collecting paths for each order in future. WatchWMS is tuned to fastest picking ever possible.
Cloud based solution from $49/user monthly
You can start with trial, test WatchWMS, and compare results with your system. For big enterprises we have got individual solutions.
Extra Features

For enterprise clients with big warehouse challenges

One account - multiple warehouses
You could setup multiple warehouses, make item moving between them, display item history.
Time saving tool
Your personal will be more productive, cause both hands will be free during operations. You could reduce personal costs with more effective solution like WatchWMS.
Smart module for optimal reservation
WatchWMS provide optimal collecting path, but we got extra-feature — provide a smart reservation path for a bunch of orders.
Watchwms is available for





Web or Application

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Pricing Plans
Per User/Month
Warehouse Management Software
Up to 100 items
Application for smartwatch
Optimal route planing
Support: forum
Multiple warehouses
Smart reservation module
Per User/Month
Warehouse Management Software
Up to 300K items
Application for smartwatch
Optimal route planing
Support: best efforts by email
Multiple warehouses
Smart reservation module
Best price/quantity plan *
Per User/Month
Warehouse Management Software
Up to 3M items
Application for smartwatch
Optimal route planing
Support: 24h ASAP
Multiple warehouses
Smart reservation module
WatchWMS application download

iOS is coming soon

Questions & Answers

Please find common questions in this section. Please don't hesistate to contact with us

WatchWMS it's a SaaS service for smartwatch, and for web clients. It's also provide API to make storehouse operations. You may use WatchWMS via smartwatch, also as through web browser. WatchWMS will keep information about current stocks in your warehouses, will make smart reservation them to orders, and much more.

First of all, you will improve speed of each warehouse operation. For example, the main focus of WatchWMS is picking, it's easy as slide gesture, what coud be simpler? Also, you will like the modern technology via smart watch, you may forget about pads, palmpilots or handheld devices with barcode readers. After first try you will never want back to old technology. Second: it's optimal pathplanning algorithm on serverside. We will use your warehouse scheme to make perfect shortest paths across EXACTLY your storehouse to pick each batch of orders. You will save your time with even first batch completing routine. You personnel never want again to walk across the storehouse to complete the batch by themselves. Let computer decide which path will be shortest. Third: we have optimal reservation module. This is a extra special option for heavy busy storehouses to save a tons of human resources and time about picking a lot of orders.

For this moment you could use practically any Android (OS Android 7+) based smartwatch to work with WatchWMS. Also, you could make any warehouse operation with web browser through any platform iOS or Android, or Windows. We are working to support iWatch smartwatch soon.

Basically you need just WatchWMS account, PC with web browser and usb barcode scanner. For enjoy full features of WatchWMS you will need smartwatch with Android on board and bluetooth barcode scanner. You will find list compatible hardware below.

Sure, you may try WatchWMS for two weeks for free.

We have API to get information about amount of available stock for each item, you may use this insformation in any web store. Also, API is used to make orders in WMS, with this information WMS can make reservation across the storehouse of items. WatchWMS could callback your scripts after order will be completed or item was accepted to warehouse.

Actually, for this moment, WatchWMS is need to keep information about stocks inself. If you want just route optimisation module functionality, please contact with us

For any company who likes the next features: modern SaaS in the clouds, hi-tech smartwatch to use in day-by-day operations, with a lot of orders to picking every day, for leverage this functions across multiple warehouses.

To make optimal routes across each your storehouse, WatchWMS is need actual storehouse plan. With our build-in storehouse scheme editor, it's easy to make storehouse scheme in minutes, if you need to add/remove/move some stillages your just drag-and-drop them on the floor plan. And click Save. WatchWMS will care to change route planning or stock reservations.

Yes, sure. Depends of your subscription plan we will provide this functionality.

First date of each month you will be charged for the next month. You may use any credit card.

We are suggest to use 2 smartwatch for each user, cause depends of intensive work smartwatch and handheld bluetooth scanner could discharge before the workday is finished. One one the hand, and one on charge. It's best practice for this moment.

We are recommend the next configurations:

Smartwatch (must support full Android 7 or greater):

  • I4 Air 3G Smartwatch Phone (~120$ at Gearbest)
  • FINOW X5 AIR 3G Smartwatch Phone (~100$ at Gearbest)
  • Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch Phone (~129$ at Gearbest)

Barcode printer:

  • Zebra GK420t or similar

Handheld bluetooth scanner:

  • Scanhero bluetooth (~50$ at aliexpress)